We're a creative agency with a technical edge.

A well balanced business needs to have a blend of creative and analytical thinking. Inspiration informed by insight is what drives success. We prepare you for opportunities by building your brand foundation, aligning your marketing efforts, and finding your audience.

This is what we do:

midbrain toronto branding and digital design




This is your guiding light, the flag you wave and the one other’s follow. Together we can shed some light on who you really are and connect with your customers.

We can help you adapt with the changing consumer landscape by giving you a solid brand base to work with.



When a choir is in sync the song resonates. We can help you navigate the noise created in marketing and advertising with process and creatvity.

We can help integrate all stakeholders to ensure customers have a consistent journey and experience.



We put traditional advertising and technology together. We leverage Big Data and AI along with tried and true methods to get your message heard.

Let us help you attract new customers and communicate to existing customers in a positive and dynamic way.

A Smarter Approach

We follow some tried and true principles and have the right tools to amplify your efforts. We start by making sure you have a good foundation in your brand. We follow this with verifying the cohesiveness of your marketing resources. Then we start bringing eyes to your business. 

We can orchestrate the entire process leaving you to deal with what you love about your business.  Get help with your website, creative needs, receive marketing support and let’s partner to develop a winning solution for you and your growing business.

midbrain toronto branding and digital design

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midbrain toronto branding and digital design


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