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We provide expert AI-powered AdTech to create powerful opportunities for your business.

Primary Ad Solutions

What’s Your Campaign?

After Search

Target ads based on users’ behaviour after they have made a search

Competitive Redirect

Target ads based on users who have visited your competitor’s websites

Decision Maker Halo

Target ads based on a predefined list of decision-making factors that we can mine through buying intent

Tech Features | Campaign Options

With Cadence Ai (or Cadence Ads) you can utilize, own, and operate intelligent tech features, which are essential for successful Programmatic (Mobile) Advertising campaigns. These superlative features give you the advantage of  achieving positive outcomes for your campaigns.

Build and store your own data

Reach your audience by serving in publishers that show similar content as your ad

Determine what is possible for your campaign without spending a cent

Our dedicated creative team can bring your vision to life with the right ad  and rich media banners

Textual incontent ads that ‘blend in’ the normal content of an app or mobile website Can be visual (by offering a button), textual and everything in between

For brand safety, the Private Marketplace tool guarantees a high number of impressions and certainties

IDFA and GAID (device targeting) identifiers make synchronizing with data possible

We can create an audience whitelist that has the exact customers you’re looking for

Be in control of your campaigns. We provide selfserve training and access to our clients

We can upload and implement device IDs and serve ads on specific devices

This method allows us to determine if a person (or device) that has been exposed to an ad (impression) visits a store or specific location

We can serve audio ads in music and radio publisher

  • With retargeting, you can serve ads based on a prior ad that has already been served
  • With remarketing, you can serve ads to devices/consumers who have already visited your site

Our TVTY integration allows our clients to synchronize mobile ads with
specific moments on TV. This can be events in sports, news, movies and
TV commercials

We keep your brand safe with our leading brand safety tools like Integral Ad Science (IAS) and more

Our reporting dashboard provides a wide range of reporting metrics that go beyond just a click

Targeting Features | Expand Your Reach

We give you the upper hand in using specific targeting settings for your Programmatic Display Advertising campaign. This gives you a greater chance of achieving positive a ROI!

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