Are Short-Form Videos Here for the Long-Term?

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In today’s dynamic digital marketing landscape, short-form video content has emerged as a game-changer. We’ve all witnessed how platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts have revolutionized brand-audience interactions. “Instagram was the most downloaded app of 2023 with 696 million downloads. TikTok, which was the most downloaded the three previous years, had 654 million downloads.” Understanding […]

Restaurant Branding in a Digital World

Today it feels like the whole world is online. The town square is not a place you can walk to but exist on our phones scattered across a plethora of social media channels. To stay unified in this new digital landscape you need a stronger brand than ever before to guide your online presence. It’s no […]

Crafting a Brand Experience

The development of a strong brand is crucial in the success of your business. While we may focus heavily on the visual aspects of a brand such as its logo that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Think of your logo as an arrowhead, it may be the point of contact but without a shaft, […]

Should your brand be iconic or trendy? Can there be a balance?

iconic or trendy

We all want to craft an icon brand that will survive the test of time but as the world around us evolves we’re also tempted to hope on new trends. Is it possible to explore fads while maintaining a coherent brand identity? A truly timeless brand emphasizes its core values and essence of the brand, […]

AI and the Evolving Creative Landscape

As AI grows more integrated with the creative tools we use on a daily basis it’s becoming harder to brush it off as a trend. While some are quick to think this is just a bubble and advancements will eventually stall; it’s dangerous to simply ignore AI’s impact on your creative workflow. As creative professionals […]

Brand Like Batman

When we describe good brands, we often think of them as timeless or iconic and there’s nothing more iconic than superheroes. If we examine what makes these characters so memorable, we’ll see the same fundamental principles that empower good brands as well. While, it’s easy to focus on each hero’s distinctive symbols and colours, it […]

Vernon Case Study

Vernon Case Study Vernon Technology Solutions Technology – Computing/AV Rentals Canada | Toronto, Vancouver Overview Vernon Technology Solutions, a division of DCR Systems Group Inc., is a Canadian-based computing rental company. With over 30 years in the rental business, Vernon is highly reputable in providing a large library of rental equipment to organizations for a […]

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