So you’ve come up with a great restaurant, cafe or bakery idea, but are unsure of how to get it off the ground?

Now that you’ve started on the path of getting your products, materials and equipment sorted with IGLOO Scarborough, your restaurant investment needs strategy and direction. Midbrain can help.

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We specialize in concocting your unique identity through brand development and design. Our team works with companies within the food industry, including many restaurants and catering companies as past and current clients. We advise existing and new brands on strategies and planning for growth for success and most importantly, Return On Investment.
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As you consider IGLOO Scarborough as your go-to for top brands and high quality products and food equipment, consider Midbrain your secret weapon to get things ‘cooking!’

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Give us a call today to start the conversation about your new brand at 416-840-4948 or fill in the form below and let us know a little about your company; one of us at Midbrain will contact you as soon as possible.