AI and the Evolving Creative Landscape

As AI grows more integrated with the creative tools we use on a daily basis it’s becoming harder to brush it off as a trend. While some are quick to think this is just a bubble and advancements will eventually stall; it’s dangerous to simply ignore AI’s impact on your creative workflow. As creative professionals it’s always a good idea to consider new tools and how they may help us or hurt us in the future so we can adapt and evolve with technology. Whether or not we have a place in this uncertain future will largely depend on the ...

Brand Like Batman

When we describe good brands, we often think of them as timeless or iconic and there’s nothing more iconic than superheroes. If we examine what makes these characters so memorable, we’ll see the same fundamental principles that empower good brands as well. While, it’s easy to focus on each hero’s distinctive symbols and colours, it goes well beyond just capes and masks. A brand’s identity is not defined by the brand itself but is a collective idea shared by its creators and followers. To unmask the secrets of building a good brand we can examine one of the most beloved ...