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Timing + Targeted Campaigns

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Our campaigns utilize variables such as demographics, online habits, and general interests. They can reach potential patients on a wide range of website and devices.

Ai Tech

Using our Ai technology and marketing reports we can hyper target these patients to provide your practice with meaningful interactions.

Big Data

All of this starts with our big data report which identifies the neighborhoods to select. This also provides us with vital demographic data which informs the content of the ads.

PECAA Ads Can Help With

  • Provide better awareness through web traffic and lead generation within your market
  • Utilize more intelligent targeted data for each location by taking advantage of AI
  • Create a more focused option than what is available currently in the market
  • Collect data on the patient journey
  • Promote new products and services that can make you more money
  • Compete on a level playing field with big box stores and ecommerce vendors

“We have been thrilled with the results of PECAA Ads so far. We knew marketing was an area we needed to improve on and PECAA Ads has provided an easy turnkey approach that was customized to my practice.”

Dr. Keely Hoban

As seen in Independent Insights | Volume 6, Issue 2, 2023

Case Study 1

Peak Vision Clinic

Peak Vision Clinic, a two-location practice in Portland, OR, owned by Dr. Keely Hoban, was our first practice to implement the PECAA Ads program. One location is in an older neighborhood just east of the downtown area while the other is a typical suburban location. Both offices have plenty of capacity for growth and new patient acquisition was the primary focus.

We saw a significant jump in new patients in July once we began the PECAA Ads campaign. While we had strong results in the first month, we worked with the Midbrain team to concentrate on the ads. This included checking which sites, times and targets were most effective. As we adjusted targets, we saw a steady increase in the months of July-October with plenty of new patients on the books already in November. This provided the practice with a 31% increase in new patient growth year over year for that period. With an increase of 74 additional new patients during the quarter (year over year increase), at an average of $425/patient — this was approximately an incremental $31K revenue impact to the practice.

31% Increase in new patient growth...

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