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A mortgage company that isn’t afraid to say it like it is. Providing a service for those who do not qualify with traditional mortgage institutions; solving their financial troubles. 

There’s no situation that’s too dire or beyond repair for Turnedaway.ca they always willing to help and they can handle everything with a smile. We wanted to present Turnedaway’s brand identity with more positive or even humorous tone. We aimed to give Turnedaway a unique feel to set them apart from the traditional look of banking institutions. Giving the brand a more human feeling by showing how the brand is just like you – imperfectly, perfect!

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Morty the Mortgage

One key component we developed for Turnedaway.ca was their mascot Morty who embodies their core emotional touch stones. He is the personification of your mortgage and he represents all the possibilities that are open to you. Morty is a fun lovable character that humanizes the brand and gives them a method of reaching out in a memorable and unique way. Morty is not only featured on their website and marketing material but we’ve also incorporated him into a series of educational videos and customer care videos. He’s there with you from the beginning of your mortgage journey until the end.