Vernon Case Study


Vernon Technology Solutions, a division of DCR Systems Group Inc., is a Canadian-based computing rental company. With over 30 years in the rental business, Vernon is highly reputable in providing a large library of rental equipment to organizations for a variety of solutions and high-profile events. This includes work from home, hybrid & in-person work, remote learning, as well as supporting international film festivals, elections, professional sports tournaments, major annual events and festivals. Some highlighted clients include TED, Allstream, CTFFCF, Mosaic and Canadian municipal, provincial and federal governments.


  • The desire to expand beyond existing partners and referrals
  • The need to attract new clients and pursue more diverse opportunities
  • Pandemic lockdowns and restrictions halted trade shows and events


  • Acquisition by DCR and subsequent rebranding as a division of DCR brand
  • Work from home, remote work and learning presented a whole new market for expansion
  • New tools available to enhance existing marketing efforts


Company Rebrand

With being acquired by DCR Systems Group Inc., our team took the opportunity to bring both brands together with a refreshed logo to revitalize the look of the Vernon brand. We incorporated DCR elements into the brand to add additional authority, revamped & aligned existing marketing materials and showcased a new look to aid campaign creatives.

Website Refresh

As a component of the company rebrand, our team refreshed the Vernon website to complement the new brand look. The new website was updated to a more contemporary feel, existing website copy and CTA was reworked to reflect the new brand image and the integration of DCR branding was updated accordingly.

Marketing Support

To further support their client marketing efforts, our team refreshed and aligned existing marketing materials and supported the ongoing creation of new marketing items.

Social Media

Our digital marketing team supports Vernon’s social media efforts monthly. The social media schedules are developed to reflect their core solution offerings, popular products, and industry topics. Additionally, the Vernon LinkedIn page focuses highly on the sharing of industry articles, trends and topics that are important to the technology industry. Throughout Vernon’s social media management journey, our team maintains a standard level of social media activity and harvests customer data for lead opportunities via LinkedIn Ads.

Email Marketing

Our team produces a monthly newsletter that is delivered to Vernon’s existing clients. The goal of these newsletters is to stay relevant and deliver value propositions that are of interest to their clients. Newsletter content typically includes company updates, solution highlights, industry news/trends and pertinent topics.

AI-Powered Initiatives

Our team has used AI-powered digital ad initiatives to increase awareness of Vernon, by using product-focused, IT support focused and rental support focused display ads. In doing so, we were able to target specific cities and even buildings to increase awareness of core offerings; promote products of consumer interest discovered through SEO/keyword research; focus on a new vertical to expand service reach; explore new opportunities discovered from collected data from the preliminary initiative. 

Digital Marketing – SEO

To strengthen Vernon’s SEO efforts and increase their rank on Google Search, our team has conducted ongoing keyword research and site optimization practices. Alongside this, our team has developed a content marketing strategy, implemented through webpages and blog posts where we can inject keywords and optimize webpages to outrank their competitors.

Tools Used

Ai-Powered Initiatives

Targeted Display Ads are a digital marketing effort that targets potential consumers based on a wide set of variables.

SEO Tools

Gain valuable insight on your digital presence. Discover competitors and see how your web metrics compare.

Quote Forms

Intuitive and easy to use. We use the right tools to craft forms that your customers will actually complete.

Social Media Workflow

Our tools and custom workflows allow us to manage your social media schedule with precision and keeps you informed.

Constant Contact

Our digital marketing team are experts when it comes to email management. From content to scheduling to integration.


Our team provided valuable and timely marketing & creative support to help Vernon navigate through acquisition by DCR and subsequent brand refresh. See below for campaign key performance indicators.

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Vernon Technology Solutions is a valuable client to Midbrain. We love collaborating on their projects to achieve positive and meaningful results. Do you want to achieve similar results for your business? Contact us today!